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      Erin's Monthly Orchid Tea Party 

"If you want a relaxing beautiful day, full of peace, birds chirping, relaxing music, gorgeous orchids, yummy food

and a host that makes it all very magical, this is a must must visit!  Two thumbs up and some more!"   - Ani Avetyan 

Orchids and tea parties, two of my favorite things!  


Come on over for a relaxing and fun day with me, the President of

the Orchid Society of Southern California, at my Temple City home. 

You're sure to have a beautiful experience at my monthly Orchid Tea Party event!

Come alone or bring a friend or two for a truly unique and memorable day.

Event includes: Welcome sparkling Lingonberry/Mint refreshments,

greenhouse tour, orchid mounting lesson & handmade orchid care booklet, 

your very own freshly mounted orchid to take home,

tea party luncheon (tea, finger sandwiches, scones, fruit, cookies and sweets), 

complimentary glass of Prosecco, a lovely experience!

~ Book your spot and join the fun ~

Choose a date and book your spot!  There are 7 spaces

available per event.  If you'd like to book the entire event

for a group or would like to request a special date, email me directly!


Next date coming soon!

"This experience was so much more than having lunch with some new friends. It was an afternoon of discovery and enchantment. Upon arrival we were greeted by the sweetest cottage of a home filled with lush flowers. Learning about orchids and their divine qualities exceeded my expectations. The table setting was picturesque as well as the delicious food and tea. The conversations were always flowing with ease amongst the beauty of the space. It was truly an experience that I will cherish and I cannot wait to do it again. Thank you Erin!!"   - Tracy Campbell

"I recently attended one of Erin’s orchid mounting tea parties and I was blown away! She curated an extraordinary time. 

Her attention to detail was beautiful! She is clearly VERY passionate about orchids (and tea!). She is a walking orchid encyclopedia and has her own greenhouse filled with her precious varieties of flowers, and told us a bit about all of them. The day was relaxing, informative and like being in another city outside of Los Angeles - a small oasis somewhere. I can’t wait to do it again and get more people to know about it!  A first class experience on all levels.   - Dayna Riesgo

What a special afternoon at Erin's orchid house!  Her beautiful gardens and warm welcoming made us feel right at home.  We loved hearing Erin's stories about her passion for orchids and tea parties.  Erin invited us to visit her greenhouse where we got to see all the different orchids she cares for.  It was amazing to learn about the many different types there are.  Then Erin led us to an orchid canopied area where we learned how to mount our very own orchids! We each received our own unique orchid and, step by step, Erin showed us how to mount them with ease. It was fun and relaxing, and also invigorating as I became quite proud of doing this special thing I didn't know I could do! And I got to take this beauty home with me.  We were then invited inside for tea - a gorgeous table setting with a beautiful tea set. I am gluten intolerant and Erin provided all kinds of lovely gluten-free options.  The tea luncheon was delicious, and the company was wonderful. Everyone talked and shared stories, and we so enjoyed connecting with new friends, including Erin herself, who is such a joy. This is an afternoon we'll never forget. I want to come again and bring my mom! I can't recommend this experience enough.   - Ceci Castelblanco Ward

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