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Bonjour!  I'm Erin Maxick - avid gardener, soap maker, animal educator, circus performer, actress and the President of the Orchid Society of Southern California.


How did I start making soap?

I found a book on soap making tucked away in a little bookshop in the mountain town of Telluride, where I was performing one summer. After looking at the lengthy involved process, the book went up on my shelf where it sat for a full 10 years!

Every year as my garden would come alive in the spring, I would think about soap and the beautiful herbs, plants and flowers that surrounded me.

Years later, I had the opportunity to apprentice with a soap maker in her cottage by the sea. With peaceful ocean breezes abounding, I learned all about "cold kettle" soap making by the best method, handed down by tradition.

I've gone back to that old original soap book again and again since for information about oils, 
butters, natural colorants, and the best herbal ingredients for the skin. That book has been lovingly worn through, along with many others since!

Éclore is French meaning "to hatch" or "to bloom" in honor of the sweet mysterious process in which life unfolds – everything 
in it's perfect time!

Here are links to the other things I do!  @erinmaxick

Animal work,  Actress  and Circus    

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