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Fresh batch just made! Purchase now and use after Dec. 20 (after it cures) for the best experience!


My Pine Tar soap is the real deal – intense, smoky, and wonderful for the skin if you dare! I import the finest kiln burned, creosote free Pine Tar from Sweden and cure this bar for an extended period for a truly extraordinary experience.


While we aren't able to legally make claims about our soap, Pine Tar is said to be excellent for Eczema and Psoriasis.


Please note that Pine Tar is more tar/wood smoke than pine in scent.


Artist Brent (aka Shrine) Spears had this to say: "Intense! Not for the faint at heart, I recommend this for the hardcore soap connoisseur. However the Pine Tar soap does leave the body with a scent similar to the aftertaste of a good single village Mexican Mescal and is very pleasant."


Ingredients ~ Olive, Coconut & Soy oils saponified with creosote free Swedish Pine Tar 

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