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Tuscan Sunshine Bath Bomb

Tuscan Sunshine Bath Bomb


My all natural Tuscan Sunshine bath bomb is pure uplifting citrus sunshine!


I've combined a gorgeous selection lesser known citrus essential oils with a touch of herby basil for the ultimate lightly energizing aromatherapy.  The Coconut Milk and Epsom Salt sooth while the Camellia Oil softens and nourishes skin.  


Simply run a bath, release the bath bomb into the water, watch it fizz and fill your tub with beautiful ingredients and immerse yourself for a relaxing soothing soak.  Inhale deeply and massage the Camellia Oil into your skin for best results!


Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Bicarbonate Soda, Citric Acid (naturally derived from Tapioca), Camellia oil, Organic Coconut Milk, Essential oils of Italian Bergamot (bergaptene free), Italian Mandarin, Litsea, and Sweet Indian Basil and Organic Calendula, Safflower and Jasmine Petals.

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